Funding for Elizabeth Mantley Youth Recreation & Arts Centre

Big news for Upper Hammonds Plains courtesy of our MP, Lena Metlege-Diab. The centre will receive $88,600 for the interior renovations of the former fire hall, from the national government.

This money will help to revitalize the building and create a new community space that is to be appropriately named the Elizabeth Mantley Youth Recreation & Arts Centre. Renovations will include installing flooring, lighting, a new kitchen, a games room and dining hall, a gathering space, and a half-sized indoor basketball court. The new centre will provide positive and inclusive space for youth in the area who have faced historical barriers to recreation program participation.

Mrs. Mantley’s daughter, Doreen, joined myself, Gina Jones-Wilson (UHPCDA President), and Lena for this announcement. Her mother donated the land many years ago when there was a need to establish a volunteer fire department to serve the community. This was the first all black volunteer fire department in Canada!

All levels of government are working with Gina and the community to ensure that this project comes together, that the history of the building is protected, and that youth in the community (and beyond) have a space to call their own.

Thank you to the community members who continue to share their support in the effort of converting the historic former fire hall into the Elizabeth Mantley Youth Recreation and Art Centre!