winter safety tips

Getting ready for winter in Nova Scotia

Winters in Nova Scotia can be unpredictable. Our weather fluctuates from mild to freezing throughout the winter months which can cause safety concerns on the road and at home.

It is a good time to get you and your family prepared for the winter months. Here you will find some helpful information on helping you get ready for winter in Nova Scotia.

Most roads are cleared during the winter but unexpected storms do happen. It is important to be prepared in case you get caught in one. Click here for a list of essential items to include in your winter survival kit for your car.

Important winter driving safety tips to keep in mind:

  • Nova Scotians should book a service appointment now and ensure vehicles have snow tires, antifreeze and an emergency kit.
  • slowing down and leaving additional space between vehicles – it takes more time and distance to stop in adverse conditions
  • not crowding the snowplow – maintaining a safe distance and being patient
  • keeping the gas tank at least half full
  • planning ahead and allowing extra time for possible delays

Proper winter weather attire includes wearing:

  • winter jacket (water and windproof)
  • snow pants
  • a hat
  • mittens or gloves
  • scarves
  • appropriate footwear
    (waterproof and insulated)
  • layered socks
  • face and eye protection

Preparing your home for winter is equally important. This means being ready in case your power goes out, or your furnace breaks down. If the temperature inside your home starts to drop it’s important to find ways to keep your core body temperature up.

Click here for more detailed information on proper winter attire and preparing your home for winter.