aerial view of a lake

Have your say: Shape Nova Scotia’s Protected Areas Strategy

Nova Scotia’s forests, coastlines, and inland waters are part of what makes this province a beautiful place to live, work, play, and visit. Our natural assets contribute to our quality of life and provide Nova Scotians and visitors with serene and stunning places to connect with nature.

Our protected and conserved areas nourish biodiversity, contribute to sustainable prosperity, and provide access to nature – an important determinant of mental and physical health. Further, the protection of Nova Scotia’s lands and waters helps reduce the impacts of climate change. Meaningful steps need to be made to conserve and protect Nova Scotia’s ecologically and culturally significant lands and waters.

During the Liberal government’s mandate, over 150 parcels of land received legal protection with another 61 committed to protection under Premier Rankin.

While recent conservation announcements moved the needle slightly, it is an underwhelming amount of land this new government protected. There is still a lot left in the current parks and a protected plan that needs to be finalized.

Nova Scotia’s natural wonders are counting on us, together we can ensure that the landscapes we cherish remain vibrant and untouched for years to come.

Have your say, visit the official survey page here, and let your voice be heard.

Spread the word – encourage your friends, family, neighbors, and fellow nature enthusiasts to participate. The more perspectives, the stronger the strategy will be.a