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Nova Scotia EMO @nsemoRT @environmentca: #DYK that ears, nose, fingers and toes lose heat the fastest? When getting your kids ready for school, pay attention to…2 hours ago 30 0
Nova Scotia EMO @nsemoRT @EHS_NS: And please remember to clear your driveways and walkways of snow and ice. Not only will this help prevent falls, but it will al…1 week ago 13 0
Nova Scotia EMO @nsemoRT @EHS_NS: There will be a messy mixture of precipitation over the next 24 hours. No matter where you are, if you have to be on the road,…1 week ago 17 0
Nova Scotia EMO @nsemoRainfall warning for Guysborough, Halifax, Lunenburg, Queens, Shelburne, Yarmouth counties. Rainfall, combined with melting snow, is expected. The froze ground has a reduced ability to absorb this rainfall. #nsstorm1 week ago 12 3
Nova Scotia EMO @nsemoAvertissement de pluie pour comté de Guysborough, Halifax, Lunenburg, Queens, Shelburne, Yarmouth. De la pluie, ainsi qu'une fonte des neiges, est prévue. Le sol gelé a une capacité réduite pour absorber cette quantité de pluie. #NSMeteo1 week ago 0 0
Nova Scotia EMO @nsemoTotaux de de 5 à 15 centimètres de neige; totaux de 10 à 20 millimètres de pluie. On prévoit aussi des vents forts du sud-est mercredi. #NSMeteo 2/21 week ago 0 0
Nova Scotia EMO @nsemoBulletin météorologique spécial. Pluie, neige et vents violents prévus à compter de ce soir. Environnement Canada continuera de surveiller la situation. #NSMeteo 1/21 week ago 0 0
Nova Scotia EMO @nsemoSnowfall totals of 5-15 cm; rainfall totals of 10-20 mm. Strong southeasterly winds are also expected Wednesday. #nsstorm 2/21 week ago 16 12