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Nova Scotia EMO @nsemo18-20 percent of 911 calls are non-emergency calls or dialed by mistake. Find out when to call 911. @nsemo1 week ago 12 4
Nova Scotia EMO @nsemo18-20 % des appels au 911 ne sont pas des appels d'urgence ou sont effectués par accident. Déterminez quand vous devez composer le 911. @nsemo1 week ago 3 3
Nova Scotia EMO @nsemoRT @RCMPNS: Dislike for salad results in 911 call #OysterPond #RCMPNS week ago 16 0
Nova Scotia EMO @nsemoRT @NS_DNR: The perimeter of the Bissett Lake fire is 100% contained and DNR crews are working to extinguish hot spots. The Shearwater Flye…2 weeks ago 9 0
Nova Scotia EMO @nsemoRT @NS_DNR: Today's burn restrictions map has just been posted. Please check burn restrictions daily:…2 weeks ago 13 0
Nova Scotia EMO @nsemoRT @AndrewLMitton: Stopped by to check out some introductory @ICSCanada Level 100 training on the go tonight at the Waterville Fire Station…2 weeks ago 4 0
Nova Scotia EMO @nsemoRT @Safety_Canada: Summer in Canada brings a range of weather hazards, from floods to heatwaves to wildfires. Are you aware of the risks in…2 weeks ago 22 0
Nova Scotia EMO @nsemoRT @HalifaxSAR: We remain active on the scene in Cole Harbour. @ColchesterSAR has joined us today to provide a combined total of three Arg…2 weeks ago 8 0