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Nova Scotia EMO @nsemoRT @NS_TIR: East Hants update: snow has changed over to freezing rain. Hwy 102 is mostly bare and wet but there are some slippery sections.…28 mins ago 5 0
Nova Scotia EMO @nsemoRT @NS_TIR: Upper Stewiacke/Middle Musquodoboit/Brookfield update: ice pellets and freezing rain. Truck are out salting.3 hours ago 5 0
Nova Scotia EMO @nsemoRT @NS_TIR: Hebbville update: Ice pellets and freezing rain, roads are extremely slippery. All units are out3 hours ago 10 0
Nova Scotia EMO @nsemoRT @NS_TIR: West Hants update: ice pellets have changed over to rain. Roads are becoming snow-covered and slippery. Drive with caution.3 hours ago 4 0
Nova Scotia EMO @nsemoRT @NS_TIR: East & West Hants/Brookfield update: freezing rain has started. All trucks are out. Track plows, check highway cams, and road c…3 hours ago 4 0
Nova Scotia EMO @nsemoRT @NS_TIR: Inverness South/Iona/Spry Bay update: roads are covered with ice pellets. All units are out. Drive to conditions3 hours ago 4 0
Nova Scotia EMO @nsemoRT @NS_TIR: Lunenburg update: Freezing rain/ice pellets has changed to heavy snow. Roads are extremely slippery. All salt trucks are out. D…3 hours ago 5 0
Nova Scotia EMO @nsemoRT @NS_TIR: Yarmouth update: freezing rain has changed to snow. All trucks are out3 hours ago 5 0